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Enjoy a safe drive, all the way long

Driving is fun and adventurous, but safe driving is harmless and enjoyable. If you are not a safe driver, you might hurt yourself and others along with you. While you may be following all the driving rules, the other person might not, and you will eventually find yourself in trouble. Thus, to keep everyone safe while they are on the road, many driving schools in Perth, along with us, teach you the road rules. To become the best driver in your group, you need to become a safe driver first. Here’s how you can be that:

Be aware of the surroundings.

Never depend on fellow drivers on the road, don’t take their judgement and follow their driving steps. Stay alert about the road signals, wildlife, road signs, vehicles passing by, and always stay focused while you are behind the wheels.

Leave on time.

The main problem when it comes to speeding is leaving late. People often speed up and drive faster because they have started late. If you keep yourself ready on time and manage your schedule well, you don’t have to get a ticket for speeding.

Buckle up.

Wearing a seatbelt before starting the car is the first rule you will learn in your defensive driving lessons. It will not only keep you away from the eyes of police patrol but will also save your life in times of an accident. Along with that, do not forget to adjust the mirrors, driving seat and check the fuel tank.

Drink and not drive.

Never hold a bottle in one hand, and drive your way with another. Drinking and drive, is dangerous for you as well as for others in the car and people on the road. If you are out partying, you can always call for help or get help from a valet to help you reach home safely. Another option would be to park your car and take a cab back home.

Signal before you take a turn.

One of the essential lessons you will learn at defensive driving school is to signal. Signalling helps your fellow drivers understand your direction on the road. It also helps in minimizing the risk of sudden accidents.

Keep your phones away.

Never dial or text while you are driving as it can cost you your life. While technology has advanced, you can always count on Bluetooth speakers. But, do remember that any calls, whether on Bluetooth or regular mobiles, can work as a distraction, leading to accidents. Thus, stop your car before you pick up or make that phone call.

With these small road rules, you can easily reach your destination safely. If you wish to learn more about such rules, you can always book a driving lesson with us.

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