Things to do when you’re pulled over by the police

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In the journey of driving, there might come a day where the policemen will ask you to pull over. Though you might not be guilty or may have all the documents with you, you still have to listen to them because of traffic laws and rules. So, what should you do in such a situation? Don’t worry, we have got your back. Here are a few tips that might come in handy the next time you get pulled over by the police.

Find a safe spot.

Since the police ask you to pull over while you’re still driving, don’t panic and accelerate. Instead, check the rearview mirrors, and see if there are any other vehicles behind you. Look for a safe spot, more like a parking lot or a well-lit wide shoulder of the road. If you are on a road with heavy traffic, it’s completely fine to drive an extra kilometre to find a safe spot.

Slow down, stop and signal.

As a good driver, you should always slow down before you brake. Sudden brakes can cause damage to you and your car as well. Also, signalling before the halt or changing the lane is a sign of a good driver. So, don’t forget to follow the rules. It will also inform the officer that you intend to stop and not run away.

Keep calm and roll the window down.

Now is the time to face the officer, so do not panic, keep your calm and roll down the driver’s window. If it’s night time, turn on the interior lights, so that it is easy for him to see you. Do not reach out for things from under your seat or any other seat.

If in parked mode, turn off the ignition.

Now that your car is in park mode, turn it off, and wait for the instructions from the officer. Do not let your actions make you feel guilty later. Keep your hands on the steering, and be patient. Do not come out of the vehicle as it can be a suspicious activity for the officer.

Stay normal and wait for the instructions.

When the officer leans on your window, do not speak before he or she does. Let them take the first move. Usually, they will ask you for the driving license and registration. Give it to them, and get back on the steering wheel.

Be a good civilian.

If any ticket has been raised against you, do not get aggressive with the officer. Instead, wait for the right moment and time. If you are not guilty, you will be given a chance to speak at the court, so keep yourself calm. If there any questions from the officer, answer them honestly.

If any, sign the citation.

If the police officer gives you a citation, you need to sign it. Also, remember that signing a citation is not a sign that you are guilty. It’s just for the record that you have received the citation. You can either pay the fine, or fight for it in the court. In cases where you think you have wrongly given a ticket or bullied for the same, contact an attorney or reach out to the court.

Though these incidences are rare, you must be well-prepared beforehand. Defensive Driving School gives training on every traffic laws in their driving lessons, so, you are not hand-cuffed while you drive.

5 car games for your kids on a long drive

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Driving is way more fun with family and friends. Especially, the little ones love to get into the car and enjoy their rides. But you might have noticed that after a certain time, they become cranky and end up making chaos. It might make them ask you a lot of questions, or cry and will eventually irritate you, and disturb your driving. So, what to do to keep your kids engaged and entertained? We have got it covered for you. Here are a few car games that will help you handle your kids on a drive.

I spy

One person has to begin with “I spy with my little eye…” and others have to guess what they are trying to explain. For instance, one would say, “I spy with my little eye something red, and it has four wheels”. The other will start guessing, and when they finally crack the word, they get a point for it.


You can prepare a Bingo chart of the list of things you will see on the way such a lamppost, petrol pump, a large banyan tree, etc. Give the tickets to each player. The one who finds everything first is the winner of the game.

I am going on a picnic

This one is a fun memorising game. One person begins by saying, “I am going on a picnic with a fruit basket”, and then, the other must continue the whole sentence and add one more word. For instance, the other person will say, “I am going on a picnic with a fruit basket and some chips”. The third one will continue the sentence by adding another word. The one who breaks the chain loses the game.

Guess who am I?

Here, one of the team members will think of a place or animal and the others have to guess the word by asking questions. For example, if you think of a duck, and other people will ask questions like ‘Is it a bird?’, ‘Does it has leg?’, ‘Are you thinking of a human?’ The one who guesses first gets the point.

Colour, Colour, which colour do you find

Among all the car games, this one is the easiest. Take a sheet of paper, and write down the names of colours, other than black and white. Give it your kids, and ask them to tick off the colours they see while on the journey. The one who finished the entire list first wins the game.

Now that you have the list of fun car games, you have nothing to worry about. Enjoy your ride with your kids!

5 things to remember while driving a van

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Driving is a way of life for a lot of people. Some like to spend their weekends with their car, and some find it as a therapy. Though driving a car can be fun, driving a van can become a little difficult. Are you thinking of shifting your home on your own, or have a job that asks you to do so? We’re here to help you make a swift van driver. Here are a few tips and tricks that’ll help you.

A quick safety check before the move

Before you head out on the road, it is essential to do a safety check of your van. Most of the vehicles don’t have rearview mirrors, so make sure the rest of the mirrors are well-adjusted to keep an eye on the road. Make a note that your seat is in a comfortable position for you to reach the steering wheels and brakes. Also, it will make you help you easily access the buttons on the dashboards.

Load it right and keep it light

Overloading can cause major mishaps and can hurt you. If you have heavy items in your van, make sure you load them with care. Put all these items in the bottom and the lighter ones on the top as it will reduce the risk of items getting damaged or crushed. Tie all the items together, and then tie them on the floor of your van. Don’t move all these items while your van is moving on the road.

Eye on the speedometer

Driving a van is great when you know how to control the speed and work your way around the brakes. In some areas, vans have a lower speed limit than that of cars. Hence, make sure you have an eye on the speedometer, and that you aren’t moving way too fast.

Start braking before the time

Since your vans are heavier than your cars, it takes a little extra time to stop before you actually stop. So, remember to brake earlier than you usually would do while driving. On turns, if your vehicle is unevenly loaded, and you press urgent brakes, it might lead to accidents. 

Make sure you are insure

Whether you are driving a van or a car, it is hired or borrowed, you might see that it has insurance. If you don’t have it and end in any kind of trouble such as accident or stealing of vehicle or damage, it could empty your pockets.

If you still thinking you need driving lessons, you can reach out for defensive driving schools in Perth as they are the best ones. Lastly, the only way to have a happy drive is to enjoy every moment of it. So, make sure you do that. Safe journey to you!

Life and driving are connected. Here’s how!

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Everything we do in our daily lives is a lesson learnt. Whether it’s taking a lap in the pool or organizing a desk at work, every mundane thing has a meaning and lesson hidden in it. Likewise, there are a lot of learnings to seek when you’re behind the wheels. Yes, driving lessons can teach you major life lessons. Here’s how.

Never judge a person by its ride

Just like books, you should never judge people by the car they own. Some might live a luxury life, but yet choose to drive an ordinary car. Few love to spend their earnings on automobiles, even if they live an ordinary life. You never know who lives what kind of life outside the four windows of a car. Never get jealous of your friends or colleagues if they have a luxury car, instead take inspiration and work harder towards making it yours.

Signal before the next move

A small miscommunication in life between two people can lead to parting ways. Same way, if you miscommunicate on the road, it will lead to major accidents. Whenever you are driving, and need to perform certain actions, signal the vehicles behind and around you. Clearing the doubts, signalling the next move, and making the road for those in need is the right way to enjoy a drive and live a life. If you don’t know what signals are for which action, you can learn from defensive driving experts in your town.

Learning from the past

In life, the past always teaches you to improve your mistakes, be aware of the forthcoming, and take the actions for present and future. While on the road, the rear-view mirror helps you do so. It will tell you which lane to follow, which car is speeding, and how you should take control of your wheel for the upcoming route.

Keep safe distance

You should always maintain a certain distance from people while present in public places. It makes more sense when you are on the road, driving a car. Always maintain a certain distance from the car in front of you, to avoid any mishaps. If any car is speeding and getting close to you, pull over and let it pass. Life is more important than winning a race.

Never take the roads for granted

When you are on the road, you never know what is coming your way, especially in the case where you are taking an unusual route. Always be prepared for the worse, and pack your drive with the essentials. Learn all about being prepared about the coming road troubles with defensive driving. It will guide you in the right direction, without any troubles.

Enjoy your ride

Life throws a lot of challenges at you; you fight, conquer, and move on. But, the necessary part of it is that you learn from the experiences. Whether positive or negative, experiences teach you to live life to the fullest. So, whatever potholes come your way, don’t forget to enjoy your ride.