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Why Using a Mobile Phone When Driving Is Dangerous

The use of mobile phones while operating a vehicle is a common practice even though most people may not admit to it. Mobile phone usage poses significant threats while on the road, which is why it is advised against.

Checking one’s mobile phone while driving causes distraction, and that quadruples the probability of an accident. Rear-end crashes and run-off-the-road collisions are the most frequent types of accidents that result from drivers using mobile phones on the road.

Compromised Judgment

Calling or texting while driving is dangerous because it impairs various capacities like:

• Reaction time
• Ability to judge distances between cars and other objects
• Maintaining correct road positions and the required speed limits
• Awareness of other road users
• Visual search patterns

The Dangers of Mobile Usage while Driving

Checking a handset while operating a vehicle hinders concentration, which is why using a mobile phone when driving is dangerous. It is hard to assess the environmental conditions and decide where to turn or what distances to keep when half the focus is on a phone’s screen.

Multitasking when driving slows down reaction time, which can be the difference between swerving in time to avoid a pedestrian or causing a deadly accident.

Drivers, especially new ones, should learn a few basics of minimizing crash risks when on the road.

Studies reveal that young drivers who use their phones while driving are not capable of handling the various demands of multiple mental, perceptual, and physical tasks involved. Even when using a phone to check messages or the GPS, the risk of crashing increases fourfold.

To boost the safety of drivers, authorities have regulations about the usage of mobile phones. For example, all cell phone functions are prohibited for P1 provisional drivers and individuals who hold Learner’s Permits. The ban does now allow loudspeaker operations, GPS, text messaging or even using hands-free mode to answer/receive calls.

How to Stay Safe

Drivers, especially new ones, should learn a few basics of minimizing crash risks when on the road. The responsible action is to leave the voicemail to pick up a message instead of answering a call when driving.

However, in cases of urgent calls that cannot be directed to voicemail, a driver must get off the road safely and park before answering. Better yet, a driver can schedule breaks, particularly during long trips to make calls.

It is not advisable to look up numbers, send, or read text messages while driving because it takes eyes off the road. Friends and family members should be told not to call when they know one is driving.

The dangers of mobile phone usage while driving do not affect just the responsible party but other road users as well hence, the need for caution.

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