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Guide for Driving Safely in the Country

A road trip will make you to escape the daily grind by allowing you to explore our beautiful country. However, driving on a country road is not the same as city driving. Driving safely in the country is important. Below are tips that will facilitate a less stressful and safer country journey.

When you are planning the route, consider the following:

1. Places of interest
2. Traffic volume
3. Weather and how it will affect driving conditions
4. Rest areas and where to find motels and service stations
5. Location of towns
6. Condition and types of roads
7. Number of creek crossings and bridges
8. Speed limits

Plan Your Travel Time to Avoid Fatigue

Fatigue can lead to a serious car crash that can sometimes be fatal. Do not drive for too long without resting. As they usually say- stop, revive, and survive.

Plan Your Travel so That:

• You have a good night sleep before you drive, starting your journey fresh.
• You do not drive for more than eight hours in a day.
• You start your trip early and try not to drive at night.
• You take a break after every two hours.

Driving Safely
Drive Safe, Drive Smart. Drive Defensive.

Prepare Your Car

To be prepared for a long drive consider the taking the following:

1. A fire extinguisher
2. A small tool kit that has radiator hoses, spare fan belt, globes, fuses, adjustable wrench, screwdrivers, and pliers
3. Torch and spare batteries
4. Tire pump, tow rope, and jumper leads
5. Reflectorised triangles
6. First aid kit
7. Before your journey, check the tires, water, and oil. Ensure that all the tires and the spares are properly inflated and have sufficient thread.
8. If you are towing a trailer or caravan, double-check your tires. If you have only used your tires once or twice during the last 12 months, they can easily blow out or puncture.
9. Check the sidewalls and thread of the tires to make sure that they are in good condition.

A car should be thoroughly checked before a long journey. It should also be checked if it has been unused for a period of time or kept in storage. According to Whatstorage, it is common for car owners to damage their car after it has been kept in storage for a period of time. Cars levels should be checked prior to long journeys or long periods of storage.

Finally, Drive Safely in the Country While Observing All the Road Rules

Before your journey, make sure that you understand all the road rules. Doing so will reduce the risk of accidents.
While on the road, always stay alert. Look out for road obstacles and changing road conditions. Before you embark on your country trip, visit the internet or listen to the radio to confirm road conditions. There might be construction works or obstacles on the route that you are planning to take.

If you will travel with kids, keep them entertained so that they do not become a distraction to the driver. Be ready for hazards and pay attention to road signs.

The Bottom-Line

The Australian country has a lot to offer. Exploring the Australian country should be on your bucket list. It will surely be a memorable experience. You will enjoy every single moment of your trip. To make your journey safe and memorable, plan.

‘Failing to plan is planning to fail’

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