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Do you love fast driving? Here are five career options that allow driving fast and furious

When it comes to driving, we often come across two types of people; ones who love driving within the speed limits and others who love the speed. Well, those who love driving at a steady pace, we are proud of you, and for the ones who love to chase the speedy wind, we have good news for you. You don’t have to let go of your desire to become the speed devil because there are ways to become one without getting caught up in illegalities. The one we believe is best of all is choosing a career that needs speed driving. Yes, you can have a job that wants you to kick the speed. Here are a few profiles that can be a perfect match for a swift driver like you.

Emergency Medical Technician

Many of you might believe that all ambulance drivers are just drivers,
but they are beyond that. They are medical professionals who can save lives on the go. If you wish to serve the public and love to drive faster, this one’s for you. To become a certified EMT professional, you need to have a driving license and clear a written examination.

Stunt Driver

With the increase in the number of action movies, stunt doubles are in great demand. Many movies search for people who can perform car stunts on behalf of their lead actors/actresses. Though these stunts are dangerous, they can be fun and thrilling to perform if you take the necessary safety precautions. You can also learn stunt driving from various driving schools in Victoria and get yourself certified.

Test driver

Many big car companies have to test their cars before introducing them to the market or selling them to the public. Even if there’s a new feature or new car technology, it needs retesting, and for that, they need test drivers. To become a test driver, you might need a mechanical engineering degree or coursework in automotive design.


You might think one of the coolest jobs of a policeman is the car chase, and you can do that too someday. Let us be the eye-opener here. The car chase looks exciting in the movies, but, in real life, they are dangerous and put a lot at stake. If the chase goes wrong, it can lead to a lot of problems such as innocent bystanders’ death, destroyed property and totaled cars. In this role, they do not hire a driver to do the job; the policemen do it themselves. So, for this one, you might have to clear a policeman exam and become one to enjoy the car chase.

Race Car driver

When watching a car race, you often get way too excited as the driver speeds to the finish line. If that gives you the chills, imagine being behind the wheels and becoming a race car driver. From NASCAR racing, drag racing to open-wheel racing, there are different types of car racing. Choose the one that you like and get in the direction of becoming one.

For all the above roles, you must learn how to drive first, and for that, we have got your back. Get driving lessons at affordable prices, only at Defensive Driving School, Victoria.

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