Most Common Causes of Fatal Vehicle Accidents in Australia

Hundreds of Australians lose their lives every year from road accidents. Tragically these deaths could often be avoided with some simple safety practices. Below are the most common causes of fatal accidents in Australia and some tips on what you can do to reduce the chances of becoming a statistic.

1. Speeding

One of the major reasons of an accident is speeding and going above the legal limit of speed on the road. About a third of major accidents on Australian roads are because of speeding.

Part of the reason that it is difficult to avoid speeding is that most people confuse speeding with high-speed driving. However, any time a person goes over the speed limit is in fact over speeding even if the speed on the road is slow at such instances. Another reason for the crash is that people steer to stationary objects while trying to avoid an accident and taking corners all of a sudden.

Some of the ways to avoid accidents due to speeding:

–          Slow down on bends

–          Slow down the speed when the weather and visibility are poor. Use hazard and headlights to increase visibility.

–          Slowdown in areas that have more pedestrian movements

–          Always stay in the posted limits

2. On the road, while driving under the influence

Drunk driving is another reason for many road deaths in Australia. There have been many campaigns, events, and awareness activities to discourage people to drive under influence, however, this problem is far from over as people still risk their and life of other people and vehicles on the road by driving under the influence.

If the blood alcohol level goes lower than 0.04 it affects the ability of the driver such as reflexes, control of the body, eye coordination, and varying mood swings during driving.

With more drinking, the sight takes a hit, and the driver has reduced light sensitivity, low vision, tunnel sight and the changes in depth perception.

All these reasons will eventually lead to a tragic road accident.

3. Not using seat belts

It might not be a reason for fatal accidents but not using seat belts is responsible for serious injuries in case of a car accident. People who do not wear seat belt do not understand the force behind an impact. If a person crashes while traveling at 50km/h and hit a stationary object it creates a 150g of force that will turn a person who is 80 kg into a 10-12 tonne projectile on the crash. Wearing a seat belt would reduce this impact by 5 folds.

4. Tiredness and Fatigue

The tiredness of feeling fatigued during driving also contributes to car accidents. While drunk driving is noticeable and law enforcement is quick to react to drunk driving, unfortunately, there is no way to know if a person is driving fatigued and tired.

To be more cautious while driving:

–          Rest for ten minutes every two hours if you are on a long road trip

–          Drink tea and coffee to get alert before driving

–          If you still feel sleepy, stop your vehicle and take your nap

5. Distraction

Another leading cause of death on the road is a distraction while driving. This may take several forms as you can get distracted by the music playing in the car, talking with others, or the most dangerous thing to do i.e. using a cell phone while driving. With mobiles and navigation systems the number of accidents on the road has doubled.

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