Driver Simulators Pty. Ltd provides low-cost driving simulators for driver training and behavioral research. Revolutionizing the way that teenagers and mature learners begin to drive, with state of the art vehicle driving controls and realistic imagery and traffic conditions.

The simulator has an impressive array of features including a cockpit with all vehicle driving controls, dynamic force feedback steering wheel, three simulated mirrors, 200 degree horizontal view, adjustable car seat, three plasma displays and a 3D sound system.


The environment in which you learn is completely safe – the elimination of risk provides a more relaxed learning experience.

Difficult situations can be repeated until learners become absolutely comfortable with them. You can experience different and realistic scenarios from country to city driving under safe conditions.

Realistic imagery helps develop an awareness of driving conditions and helps build confidence in dealing with traffic.

Sessions are supervised by qualified and highly experienced driving instructors.

We believe that the simulator can reduce the rate of novice driver crashes – it helps to build driving experience that is not always available in the 15 lessons that it typically takes to obtain a driver’s license.

A variety of realistic scenarios are on call and can be repeated until the learner is comfortable with them. This includes country, city and night driving, all in a safe and supervised environment.

Learners can gain experience in simulated driving situations in the early stages of their driving, without the fear or harsh reality of major consequences – this is an excellent way to get used to the numerous hazards and traffic conditions that exist on the roads.

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