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Driving Lessons Joondalup

For Over 50 years Defensive Driving School has helped West Australians get their drivers license. In the Joondalup region, we have skilful and patient instructors who can help you develop your confidence to drive safely. That’s the Defensive Driving School distinctive – we teach you how to drive defensively – ready for unexpected situations which may occur on the road.

What Do I need before I can have a Driving Lesson?

To have a driving lesson with Defensive Driving School, you need a West Australian Learners Permit.
Where Do I get my “L” Plates in Joondalup?
Go to the Joondalup Licensing Centre at 65 Boas Ave, Joondalup, WA:

What Do I have to Do to Get My Learners Permit of “L” Plates?

According to the WA transport website, There are essentially 6 steps to getting your learners permit:

1. Apply for your learners permit at the licensing centre (the Joondalup Licensing Centre is 65 Boas Ave, Joondalup)
2. Sit a theory test
3. Get an eyesight test
4. Declare any medical conditions
5. Get the learner’s guide and log book
6. You are ready for your first Driving Lesson!

What Happens on My First Driving Lesson?

Great question. To start with we make sure you are feeling comfortable and ready to drive on the road. We do this by helping you get familiar with the vehicle so that you are prepared for a successful driving experience. Once you are on the road we find quieter streets around Joondalup so you can get a feel for the road and fluid driving motion.

How Long Do Lessons Go For?

Studies have shown that 45 minute lessons are the optimum time. After 45 minutes we have found it can be harder to concentrate as fatigue starts to come in.

Why Choose Defensive Driving School?

Our distinctive is that we teach defensive driving techniques. This means you are more likely to be ready for potential hazards and mistakes made by other drivers on the road. We are also very competitively priced.

Do Your Driving Lessons Work?

We can confidently say our driving lessons not only prepare you to be a safe and skilful driver, they also give you a massive advantage when it comes to passing your test. That is why we are Perth’s most popular driving school with a recognised pass rate of 95%.

How Do I Book My First Joondalup Driving Lesson?

Smart move! Just complete the booking enquiry form on this page or call us direct on 9370 0000