How are Driving Simulators Beneficial in Driver Training?

Driving simulation makes use of state-of-the-art computer technologies to simulate realistic driving environments for gamers and driving students. With this technology, students get to familiarise themselves with situations that are common to drivers in a risk-free environment.

Benefits of  Driving Simulator

Practice for All Situations

One of the most notable benefits of using driving simulator programs is the fact that you can introduce students to situations that would have been impossible or far too dangerous to set up in traditional driving programs. It would be difficult to practice for certain emergency situation in a real car, which is not the case with simulators.

Adjust Weather

The ability to control the environment makes it possible for the student to learn how to handle themselves in all weather conditions.

Drive on Different Roads

The ability to switch between different types of roads makes the driving simulator one of the most effective driving instruction tool we have. You will be able to simulate highways, country roads, urban streets and even off-road driving.

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Transfer Modes from Manual to Automatic Transmission

Simulators are able to mimic features found in both manual and automatic cars. This makes it easy for students to understand how both transmission options work in a single simulator program.

Create your Own Scenario

The driving simulator software allows the student to adjust scenarios which makes it easy to practice for more realistic situations. For example, you might be able to control the weather, traffic, pedestrians and wildlife. This is not always easy with traditional driving training where everything is unpredictable.

Less Time in Cars and Roads

Simulators reduce the amount of time the student needs to be in the car while training. This means less fuel is used which is then good for the environment.

Safety without Stress

Stress is one of the number one barriers when it comes to development of skills. Driving simulators are safe and allow the students to make mistakes without the consequences. In traditional drivers training, the student are always on edge as they try to avoid making mistakes.

Understand Driver Behaviour on Road

Driving simulators are so realistic that students will often let their guard down and drive the same way they do in real cars. This makes it easy to study their driving in order to instruct them better.

Record and Analyse Driving

The technology used in the program allows the students and instructors to review situations in order to determine what would have been done to avoid certain mistakes. The scenario can be viewed from different angles which makes it easy to tell exactly what went wrong.

Consistency of Training

Finally, the vehicles used in real life driving training are subject to wear and tear which affects the consistency of training. Driving simulators offer the same experience to all the drivers making sure all of them receive the same training.

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