Level 1 Advanced Courses Designed for:

“P” Plate Drivers – Log Book hours & for licensed Driver’s wanting to gain General Confidence, better Skills and to Build overall knowledge and Experience. Both Advanced Driving Lessons Perth are perfect to follow after the ‘Learner Driving Course’ and qualify for Log Book hours. These 2 courses have been specifically designed to improve your driving ability, confidence and experience through a number of practical exercises and scenarios. These courses are intensive ‘one on one’ courses with our Advanced Driver Trainers. You will learn skills available to specialist drivers, such as Police and other emergency service personnel, skills that are critical for safe accident free driving. Just think, if taking an advanced driving course helps to avoid one accident then the course has paid for itself. You can’t put a price on the investment in your life.

  • Do you know how to prevent or recover from a sideways slide?
  • Do you know what happens to the car under emergency brakes?
  • How do you corner safely at speed?
  • Are you timid or nervous on wet or gravel roads?
  • What is ABS, Traction Control – does your car have it?

The available driving courses are:

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